What are the problems?

Raised: 12,615 €
Goal: 225,110 €
Raised: 6,100 €
Goal: 102,816 €
Raised: 13,120 €
Goal: 396,529 €

What we do against it!

Solar water pumps

In order to fight the global water crisis, DAKIE international has developed innovative solar pumping systems
with the help of modern technologies and European quality.

Further Projects

You want to help? Here you can find out more about our other projects.


Our mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone
and to guarantee better living conditions for the poor people in need and low income families.


Clean drinking water

Clean drinking water is the basis for health and further development.


Reduce poverty

Together, we will reduce poverty and hunger.


Schooling access

We support school projects to guarantee education for children.

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