DAKIE International e.V. support less-privileged children in the Sahel region in Africa. The aim is to improve the quality of life, especially for children who are abandoned, orphaned, destitute or otherwise disadvantaged in their way of life.

Our projects change the lives of children through food, shelter, clothing, health care and the provision of School materials and school uniforms. They can become responsible members of their respective communities and at best help themselves.

How we work:

1. Child protection

DAKIE ensures that children’s security policies and services are implemented, especially in their communities, schools and homes, where violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect of children are most common.

2. Nutrition

Millions of children in the Sahel region of Africa are on the brink of famine. DAKIE provides malnourished children and their families with healthy food aid to survive hunger. Food insecurity is estimated to affect 53 million people due to the region’s gradual food and nutrition crisis, including extreme vulnerability and poverty. According to UNICEF, this is about 20% of the population – at least 25 million people are extremely poor. Many families eat only one meal a day during the drought. The despair of those affected leads to migration, debt or exploitative work.

3. Education

Every child is entitled to inclusive and equal education. At DAKIE International we work to ensure that nobody is left behind. We sponsor children from less privileged families and invest in education, infrastructure and resources.

4. Emergency

DAKIE runs an emergency clinic with the help of our local partners to ensure survival despite disease, hunger and poverty. Even in the event of a disaster, our team is available to provide the young people and their families with all the services they need to save their lives. The causes of these endless emergencies in the Sahel are extreme poverty, inequality, limited access to basic services, armed conflict, environmental degradation, climate change and population growth. Most of these structural causes require determined joint efforts by national governments, development and humanitarian aid donors to truly reduce the impact of this recurrent crisis.

Please support our work. Your donations help to save the lives of these endangered children and to change their lives.


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